The possibilities for Digital Signage are endless


Lots of businesses and organisations across the UK are choosing digital communication systems because it is a great way to communicate in a dynamic and innovative way with their customers.  It creates an engaging environment for any brand with instant customer message leading to action.

At Omega Signs Digital our specific knowledge of these key sectors combined with our expertise in digital signage makes us the perfect partner if you are considering investing in this technology.


The high street is a competitive battleground with retail shops all fighting to grab customers attention. Digital Signage is at the forefront of the retail revolution as more and more shops realise the benefits. Digital Signage allows for instant updates and can work across a whole network of screens so every branch of your store is up to date thanks to Digital Signage.

The key to success with Digital Signage in a retail setting is to focus on the customer and their experience in your shop. Digital Signage gives you an amazing opportunity to showcase not only products but a brand and the cost of that for any retail shop, is priceless.

Restaurants and Bars

Capturing the customer’s attention is always one of the top priorities in a restaurant or a pub and you can now do this with a digital menu board. It allows you to inform customers of offers and promotions changing these throughout the day and displaying high quality imagery to really showcase the food you have to offer. In glorious high definition and with a vivid LCD panel your food will never look better.


Within the Banking sector Digital Signage screens can serve multiple purposes. They can keep customers informed letting them know up to date information on products, services and interest rates.

It can also help with wayfinding and is a great way to create a professional impression in the reception area.


Car show rooms are a perfect environment for Digital Signage. There is a real captive audience and with Digital Signage this is a great opportunity to promote new car models, promote leasing deals or stream up to date information on servicing or opening times.

You can work across an entire network of screens or deliver information on a branch by branch basis the options really are endless.


Casinos, cinemas, zoos and theme parks are just some of the leisure locations that can reap benefits from Digital Signage. At an entertainment venue like these, Digital Signage gives businesses the chance to engage with their customers in a way like never before. Gone are the boring static posters of yesteryear. Digital Signage is where it’s at if you want to speak to your audience.

In an entertainment based venue, Digital Signage can be used as an effective advertising tool. In your own venue you can promote services and events direct to your target audience. It is also a great way to inform repeat customers of short term promotions that they may otherwise miss out on.
So Digital Signage can not only inform and educate your audience, but form part of the overall experience by creating atmosphere of excitement and fun.


Digital Signage screens can serve multiple purposes when used in a business environment. Firstly they can create a dynamic and professional impression in your reception area and are a great way to showcase your work to customers. They can also keep your employees up to the minute with information from company statistics to displaying work, corporate messages or even social events ensuring they your employees always feel included in the direction of the company. 

Education and government

 Digital Signage displays are great tools for educations establishments as their purpose is to impart knowledge. One of the best tools to help educators do this is with an Interactive Touch Display. These displays are the future of the classroom and have already started replacing outdated interactive projectors. Connecting to an interactive touch display is a sure fire way to get students involved, engaged and excited about the learning process.


The transport sector was one of the first industries where Digital Signage really took off. With a large number of passengers all looking for information, Digital Signage screens are now a must have in any transport hub. From bus stations to train stations to airports, real time information is essential to keep the flow of passengers through the public transport interchanges. This is where Digital Signage shines as it is a cost-effective method of providing real time updates directly to those who need it most.

Health care

Digital Signage displays are transforming the way that healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. Whether they are used for wayfinding or for displaying healthcare information, digital displays offer a chance for hospitals to engage, interact and ultimately improve the whole healthcare experience for a patient. Digital Signage can be displayed in various locations at a hospital or healthcare facility including lobbies, hallways, car parks, canteens to waiting rooms.